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Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

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A Head of a Chair
Shanina Evgeniya Grygorivna, 
Lawyer Emeritus of Ukraine, an Associate Professor. 
Contacts : +38(0562) 47-15-50

The primary objective of the Department activity is forming the conditions for preparation of competitive specialists in the area of jurisprudence in accordance with the State Standards of Higher Education taking into consideration the international experience and achievements in science and education.

Preparation of specialists is conducted in Specialism area 0304 "Law" according to the directions of preparation 6.030401 "Jurisprudence" of educationally-qualifying level "bachelor" and 7.03040101 "Jurisprudence" of educationally-qualifying level "specialist".

An educational process on the Department is provided by three doctors of legal sciences (Professors), three candidates of legal sciences (PhD, Associate Professors), one candidate of medical sciences (PhD, Associate Professor), one Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine and one Senior Teacher. 

The department of Criminal Law and Criminology provides trainings in 16 disciplines:

1. Organization of Judicial and Law-Enforcing Bodies.
2. Criminal Law (general part).
3. Criminal Law (applied part).
4. Criminal trial.
5. Criminalistics.
6. Criminology.
7. Law-Enforcing Law(Court. Prosecuting magistracy. Advocacy. Notary.
8. Judicial Medicine and Psychiatry.
9. Forensic Accounting.
10. Basic Principles of Legal Clinical Practice (three parts).
11. Comparative Jurisprudence.
12. Executive Law.
13. Legal Statistics.
14. Criminal Law Formation.
15. Criminal Enforcement.
16. Criminal Procedural Enforcement.

2_кафедра сьогодні_стенді.JPG Trainings from all disciplines are based on the up-to-date achievements in Ukrainian and international education with consideration of the latest changes in legislation related to development of Ukraine as a law-governed state.
At present, the database of aptitude tests is worked out in accordance with the programs of preparation of educationally-qualifying levels "bachelor" and "specialist”.

The Department conducts an active educational and methodical work using such teaching methods as seminars, "round tables", discussions, trainings etc.
Main research directions of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology :  
  • • problems of implementation of the legal prescriptions in criminal and criminal-procedural legislation of Ukraine;
  • • theoretical research in the area of criminal-procedural rules;
Since January 2011 the Department has being carried out a research project “Theoretical and applied problems in protection of legal relations by criminal-lawful, criminalistical and criminal-procedural facilities in criminal cases"(the first stage was "Fight against corruption acts by criminal and legal facilities")” supported by state.
Head of the Department E.G. Shanina and faculties give appropriate attention to strengthening the connections between educational process and practical activity of the Agency of Interior Affairs and other law-enforcement machineries. Basic collaboration with practical lawyers is conducted within the framework of organization and realization of lectures, seminars, practical trainings for students and conferences. In order to form an understanding for students about a role and place of lawyer in the law-governed state, the Department implements the meetings with leading lawyers of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

3_кафедра сьогодні_криминалистический комплекс.JPG The Department is equipped by modern computer-criminalistics complex, which includes a computer laboratory(10/305) and criminalistic polygon with criminalistic museum(10/302). Availability of this complex allows for the Department carrying out trainings and different measures of Faculty of Law on high methodological and scientific levels.
4_кафедра сьогодні_зал судебных заседаний ауд.311.JPGPride of the Department is an educational hall designed as a courtroom (10/311) on the high aesthetic and professional level, where students have opportunity to take lectures, seminars, trainings, business games, round table etc.
There is an opportunity to use the Internet and computer platform of on the Department computer base of legislation "League-Professional”.

Youth politics of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology is based on Statements of Declaration "About General Principles of Public Youth Policy in Ukraine" which appoints that: " The Public Youth Policy is a system activity of the state in relationships with personality, young people, youth movement, that comes true in legislative, judicial spheres and puts an aim of creation the socio-economic, political, organizational, legal terms and guarantees for vital self-determination, intellectual, moral, physical development of young people, realization of its creative potential both in own interests and in interests of Ukraine”.

6_кафедра сьогодні.JPG Youth politics of the Department is comported with politics of our university and directed on education of the harmoniously developed, highly educated, socially active and nationally-conscious people which have civil responsibility, high spiritual internals, patriotic feelings, and are able for self-development and self-perfection.

This politics comes true in interests of the students, society, state and is based on long-term traditions of the university, historical and cultural acquisition of the Ukrainian people with consideration of international experience about youth support.
An integral part of the Department activity is an involvement of the students in scientific work regarding to the legal problems, and also forming of the priorities of modern world-view of the future specialists. Participating in student conferences, round tables and seminars is a weighty contribution to the auditorium studies.

5_кафедра сьогодні.jpgThere is a student scientific study group on criminal law on the Department, which is headed by Prof. Pinayeva A.O., Prof. Chrjapins’ky P.V., As. Prof. Lenja V.V. and Senior Teacher Svitlichny O.O. The aim of this scientific group is an advanced study of the criminal law.

The members of the student scientific study group take an active part in discussions of different topics which are out of the curriculum but which have big practical significance. For effective work of these meetings the lawyers-practices are invited. Work of study group is of the form of lectures, trainings, mini conferences, role plays etc. The results of such work are student’s theses and presentations for participations in different conferences, scientific papers and scientific applications for grant competitions.
Educational work among students is conducted by involving them in edition of the poetic magazine "Kryla” (“Wings"), where the member of editorial commission is Prof. Tertishnik V.M.

7_кафедра сьогодні.JPGThe Department takes part in the acts of charity for children-orphans under a slogan "Help to children".

Monthly the supervisors of student’s groups and dormitory give lectures about forming of healthy way of life, legal, spiritual, labour and ecological culture.
The Faculty of Law has created a Legal Clinic, on the basis of which students have opportunity to get experience by giving legal advices to citizens, work out a legal documentation, participate in consideration of the real cases. The supervisor of the Legal clinic from the Department Criminal Law and Criminology is an Associate Professor, PhD in legal science Gemay S.O. Nowadays, work of the Legal Clinic of the State Educational Institution “National Mining University” and training from discipline of "Basic principles of legal clinical practice" are important and urgent.

8_кафедра сьогодні.jpgThe Department fruitfully cooperates with Dnepropetrovsk regional public organization "Promin’" in the field of implementation an informatively-elucidative measures for students on questions about rights protection and representation of citizen’s interests including persons suffered from violence in family or human traffic.

Within the framework of general project "Improvement of access to the justice for persons from Dnepropetrovsk region who are imprisoned”. Such activity will lead to consolidation of long-term cooperation between the State Educational Institution “National Mining University” and Department of the State Governing of Ukraine on the questions of implementation the punishments at the Dnepropetrovsk region and to improvement of practical student skills.
On the basis of the State Educational Institution “National Mining University”, the Department jointly with Senior Administration of Justice in Dnepropetrovsk region annually manages the scientific and practical conferences dedicated to the questions of problems in legal regulation of Justice Administration activity.
The Department also cooperates with leading higher and scientific establishments of Ukraine, supports fruitful enough relationships with the Ukrainian legislative founding, Ukrainian legislative studios and Association of lawyers of Ukraine.

9_кафедра сьогодні.jpg The Department participates in the international, Ukrainian and regional scientific and practical conferences. Advanced studies of department’s faculties, including monographs, are published in the known editions. Professors and assistances participate in the methodical and scientific seminars of the Department, seminars of the law-enforcement authorities, promote development of suggestions about practice of implementation of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

10_кафедра сьогодні.jpg The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology jointly with the teachers of Faculty of Law supports fruitful relationships with the specialists-lawyers from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Romania and United States of America; carries out a mission in delegations directed to legal structures of the specified states.

Collaboration with international legal organizations gives an opportunity to study a question on creation of research database in the field of jurisprudence in the countries of Western Europe.
Associate Professor Gemay S.O. and Senior Teacher Svitlichny О.О. are engaged in the study of foreign languages with the purpose of obtaining the certificates of international standards for participating in international symposiums and conferences, organization of international scientific seminars, taking internships in foreign universities and business structures etc.
At present, work from realization the Program about development the State Educational Institution “National Mining University” is in progress. Development of the Department takes place in accordance with modern politics and strategy of the State directed on the further improvement of the national system of higher education, its adaptation to the social-oriented economy of information society and integration in European and international society. 
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